black lite consulting is a 100% black owned and 30% black women owned BEE Strategy consultant.  It was the foundation on which the rest of the black lite group has been built.  BLC is a South African empowerment group that focuses on BBBEE strategy consulting, sustainable development consulting and general management consulting.  black lite consulting (BLC) is part of the black lite group of companies.

The company is a well regarded as a thought- and market leader in Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) and sustainable development consulting.  Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations and JSE listed companies.  We are at the forefront of developments in BBBEE and continue to advise our clients in a value adding manner.

black lite was established from day one on the basis of sustainable empowerment as we believe strongly in leaving a world for our children and their children.  A world that is habitable and prosperous.  We believe that sustainability and empowerment are two sides of the same coin.  We view ourselves as being the primary drivers of this policy, not only theoretically in the form of the advisory work that we do for our clients, but most importantly we have taken a practical approach in this regard in our own business.