Growing Awareness ...

Coaching requires an approach of candour and sincerity.

We need to understand what our limitations are, rather than wrestle with ourselves in a spiral of self-recrimination of judgments and blame. bl bl bl bl bl bl bl

Commitment ...

Much of the success of the coaching process rests with the coachee.

A key aspect is the degree to which the coachee wants the process to work and the effort they are prepared to invest in discovering and dealing with the difficulties which will arise.

Openess & Honesty ...

In coaching we do not set  a desired outcome as this may be self limiting and destructive.

Having courage to follow where the coachee needs to go, rather than follow a predetermined route, often brings about the most.

Focus ...

For a coaching process to work there needs to be trust in the process and a determination by all to do the work required to open the possibilities available to the coachee.

The coachee will gain powerful insights if there is engagement in the process at the pace that suits the person and the context. bl bl bl bl bl bl bl bl bl bl bl bl bl bl bl

Releasing Potential ...

Coaching is about unlocking what may be stuck because of the way we view the world around us.

Coaching helps to expand that view and enables energy to be released that can be invested in moving forward.

Working with a coach the coachee becomes aware of old, set patterns that restrict them.

Coaching will address issues on multiple levels – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

Changes in one or many of these levels are likely to cause changes in the other areas.

The outcomes of coaching need to be aligned with the sense of purpose and meaning the coachee is seeking for themselves.

Program starts with an intake session and a program of a minimum of 10 sessions and a maximum of 20 sessions.