I attended coaching sessions in 2011 and 2012 which were conducted by Kilpena Lalu. During these sessions I gained deeper insight and clarity regarding my function as Head of Department in Education.
Kilpena Lalu remained professional and proficient at all times.
She was able to stimulate and provide insightful direction in all sessions.
I found the coaching relevant and meaningful as it addressed
Issues pertinent to my case.
I was equipped to analyze my personality so that I could understand and work with other people.
Kilpena, very skilfully, directed me to work with the strengths of my team members.
I learnt a valuable life lesson during coaching- one can achieve much through negotiation and compromise.
I would recommend Kilpena’s services to any friend or colleague. Her poise and consistency is highly commendable.
Mrs Charmaine Vartharajaloo, HOD: Department of Education, Gauteng
Kilpena Lalu is an accredited Integral Coach, who completed her Professional Coaching Course (PCC) with the Centre for Coaching at the University of Cape Town’s Business School. She has been involved in coaching over the last 5 years, with a number of coachees across the corporate spectrum.
Kilpena’s very rich history in the corporate world, including a very successful stint at a major South Africa Bank in its investment division, coupled with her colourful personal life and travels, has geared her excellently for the role of coach that she now plays. She has found her calling in life, and that is to coach others into addressing the issues they face in an empowering way. Her style of coaching does not include giving advice, but rather through appropriate questioning, to lead the coachee to identifying ways of approaching issues in an integral way, ie. Connecting all the domains of a persons life – the cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational.
Kilpena’s unique gift is her art of staying with her clients despite the storm that the client may be experiencing. Her experience in the “Conscious Embodiment” work of Wendy Palmer shows in the way she is grounded and centred in the midst of difficult and challenging situations with her clients. Her success in coaching can be attributed to her life experiences in her personal challenges she overcame while growing up in Cape Town, and her involvement in the male-dominated banking boardrooms in South Africa and other countries. Her integrity is beyond question. She is a warm, generous and caring individual, whose lust for life is not easy to be miss being impacted by.
To whom it may concern:
I was fortunate to work with Kilpena Lalu, as her Pod Mentor, during her coaching qualification at the Centre for Coaching, U.C.T Graduate School of Business.
I was highly impressed with Kilpena’s work. Her assignments and case studies showed a deep level of reflection and insight, and her deep commitment and passion to coaching was and is clearly evident.
Kilpena’s own self development during the course really stood out for me. She engaged with her own self development areas in an open and courageous way, not shying away from the uncomfortable places in herself. I believe this allows her to be “real” and authentic as a coach.
I was also privileged to observe her coach a client live. Kilpena manages to get the balance between really holding-up the mirror for the client in a dislodging way, while also doing it in a patient and compassionate way. It is clear that she is a gifted coach, and I can recommend her with the fullest confidence.
I deeply respect her as a person and as a coach.
Stefaan van den Heever, Professional Certified Coach – International Coach Federation
I benefitted greatly from the coaching programme with Kilpena Lalu.
The exercises we performed helped me to build my confidence, unpack and also address areas of my professional development. I knew myself better, and was also more willing to embrace my strengths and take more risks and responsibility, both professionally and personally.
She is very attentive, open, willing to teach and learn. This helped in making feel comfortable to do the exercises and work, and also open myself up and share.
I’d like to thank Kilpena for allowing me to participate in this coaching programme with her.
This was an eye opening journey, and I am grateful to have been part of the process.
Mr Lemao Ditodi, Financial Manager: First National Bank
Over the past six months I have had the fortunate opportunity of being coached by Kilpena Lalu of Blacklite. All our engagement sessions where meaningful, and provided enormous insight as a manager in resolving employee challenges, as well as unleashing our potential into becoming great leaders.
I do highly recommend Kilpena Lalu, as the time spent with her was refreshing. Kilpena at no time provided me with the answers to my challenges or enquiries but ensured that I work through the process to unlock and uncover the solutions to ensure that I do become a true people leader.