black lite coaching is a 100% black woman owned entity. black lite coaching was established to assist organisations and individuals to reach their full potential and create new possibilities for growth and development.

black lite coaching is part of the black lite group which is a black owned empowerment group focused on strategy consulting, sustainability development and is a principal investor in sustainability and renewable energy. The group is a thought and market leader in Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) and sustainable development.

In our bid to reduce our carbon footprint we employ a practical approach to sustainable empowerment such as:

  • 180 trees planted in Thembisa for all furniture bought for our offices;
  • We have an environmental clause in all our mandates that require meetings (where possible) to be held during off-peak traffic times;
  • Car pooling when travelling to clients;
  • Electronic deliverables and invoicing to clients; and
  • Donated solar panels to Greenpeace Africa for COP 17.